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The Pichilemu Language School staff is happy to arrange accommodation for our students. Many student choose to stay with one of our lovely homestay families. Accommodation options include homestays, recommended hostels, and partner cabins stays. Please contact us for available options.


All the homestays we use are with friendly, reliable families. They include 3 meals a day, private room, shared bath and access to WiFi. They are within walking distance to the school and beach. Additional homestay nights cost $35.


We have a few different hostel partners. They include the following: private rooms, shared bath, WiFi. In most cases there is a small kitchenette available to students. They are all located close to the beach and school.


Couple and friends traveling together often chose equipped cabin accommodation. We recommend the Cabañas Buena Vista. They are  located on the hillside right out side of town. They are withing a 15-20 min walk to the beach and town. The cabins offer bike rental. They have excellent views, Wifi, bbq and firepit, wood fired hot tub, and kitchens.

Recommended Hostels


CASA VERDE (Playa Hermosa)

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