About Us

Pichilemu Institute of Language Studies (PILS)

We are a language school offering comprehensive language learning experiences. We encourage cultural exchanges and provide learners with meaningful knowledge and opportunities to develop confidence to speak the language and immerse themselves in a new culture.

Our Motivation

We promote and facilitate cultural exchanges by providing travellers and locals with a complete language learning experience.

PILS  offers comprehensive language learning experiences for travellers and locals. We encourage cultural exchanges that provide learners with meaningful knowledge and confidence to speak the language and immerse themselves in the culture.  

Our Services

The Pichilemu Institute of Language Studies offers all levels of courses from survival courses to university accredited semesters and all areas in between.

We also provide our students with a variety of packages to enhance and enjoy what Pichilemu has to offer. From surf lessons to homestay experiences and the best accommodation information, we will make sure your stay in Pichilemu is more than the experience of the classroom.  

Our Story

Founded in 2005 by Valerie Gaino and Chris Wilcox who first arrived in Pichilemu to learn Spanish, immerse themselves in a different culture and surf (not necessarily in that order).

It quickly occurred to them that this beautiful coastal town would be the optimal environment in which to start an educational project that would provide both locals and travellers with an opportunity to exchange language, culture and ideas.  

Meet Our Team

PILS teachers are creative and patient educators whose experience allows them to quickly identify the needs of their students. They work very hard to provide an authentic and practical environment for language learning where immersion is the goal. We believe it is the most effective way to learn a language inside and outside the classroom.

From left to right, Spanish teacher, Catalina; School Director, English and Spanish teacher, Maria Paz Miranda and ESL teachers, Ben (July-December 2017) and Branden.

The School

PILS is located in the town center two blocks from the beach. Its central location makes travel between hostels and homestay accommodation accesible by bike or on foot. Also, there are excellent options for restaurants, markets, coffee shops and shopping right out the front door.

We are on the third floor of a building in the town center. This location has nice classrooms and a privileged view of the ocean and town. Students are welcome to hang-out in a comfortable reception area or an enclosed terrace to study, exchange books, surf the internet, and socialize.

Because our school functions as an English and Spanish language learning facility, you will likely find our staff fostering cross-cultural exchanges between students. Your Spanish lessons will be put to the test! The locals in Pichilemu are friendly and interested in helping students practice Spanish.

The school is a direct reflection of the easy going fishing village turned surf town and provides a great contrast to studying in the fast paced noisy environment of the city.