Pichilemu is famous for its spectacular beaches with beginner to advanced surfing waves. Surfing is great for beginner to advanced surfers. You need a wetsuit all year, but it is not cold enough to keep surfers from all over the globe from experiencing surfing here. Surfers will find a wide array of surfboard and wetsuit options to buy or rent.

We work with a local surf school near Puntilla which offers group surf classes (week package) and more.

There are a number of options to practice yoga in Pichilemu. Classes run at different times during the day at various locations. You can pay as you go for classes which is convenient for travelers staying for short periods of time.

Pichilemu is located a short distance from Santa Cruz which is located in the heart of Chile’s wine valley. Home to 30+ boutique to larger wineries, wine tours are plentiful, top quality and very affordable. In addition, Santa Cruz is home to a plethora of quality restaurants. A can’t miss event is the annual fall wine harvest festival which takes place in March.

When studying Spanish in Pichilemu, you will be minutes away from Punta de Lobos, a World Surfing Reserve and Cahuil, known for its rural scenery and production of sea salt. There is a rich variery of arts and crafts available in this area, some of them include work with clay and wool.


1 Week of Surf Group Classes

USD 180
  • Classes run Monday to Friday
  • 1.5 hours class every day
  • All equipment included
  • Classes take place near la Puntilla break

1 Week of Surf + Spanish

USD 360
  • Classes run Monday to Friday
  • 3 hours od group Spanish classes a day
  • 1.5 hours of surf group classes a day
  • All surfing equipment included

Week of Surf + Spanish + Private Room in Hostal

USD 520
  • Classes run Monday to Friday
  • 3 hours od group Spanish classes a day
  • Stay in a private room in a hostal
  • Hostal is located near the ocean and downtown

Week of surf + Spanish + homestay

USD 630
  • 3 hours of group Spanish classes a day
  • 1.5 hours of group surf classes a day
  • All surf equipment included
  • Stay with a local family, a full immersion experience

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