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2018 Programs

Spanish Classes

Learning Spanish with a group offers you collaborative and social learning at its best. You benefit from the diversity of ideas, questions and practice that a group of students learning Spanish experience. Group courses allow for a variety of activities such as role playing, games and discussions. They are plenty of opportunities to develop your speaking skills since our groups are small (2-7 students) which allows for a social, but still intimate learning environment. Group classes are also a more affordable option.

Group classes are based on availability and level. They start every Monday throughout the year and run for 15 hours Monday to Friday. If no groups are available the student will receive 10 private hours for the same cost. If you have a group that wants fewer or more than 15 hours a week please contact us for availability and prices.

Class size: max. 8 student per classroom.

Class duration: 50 minutes each class period.

Private classes are a great option to progress language learning for those looking to learn at their own level and pace. You receive 1 on 1 attention from the teacher who is ready to answer all of your specific questions and organize the class to meet your learning style and questions. Classes are still interactive and our teachers can add a variety of activities to allow you to progress inside and outside the classroom. Because you can also participate in our social events and spend time at the school, opportunities to socialize and meet people are available even when studying on your own.

The schedule is organized based on availability. You can start any Monday throughout the year (or in the middle of the week if available). Classes run Monday to Friday.

Class duration: 50 minutes each class period.

We offer US college credit for 9 different Spanish courses with transfer credits from Brookhaven Community College in Texas. The classes are usually a mix of group and private courses, depending on your elective course and require a significant amount of work. All tests and evaluations are faxed to and approved by Brookhaven faculty. Contact us for pricing and availability for 2018. 

Group 1 week2 weeks3 weeks4 weeksExtra weeks
15 classes a week – 3 daily195 USD390 USD585 USD780 USD180 USD
Private1 week2 weeks3 weeks4 weeksExtra weeks
15 classes a week – 3 daily295 USD590 USD885 USD1180 USD270 USD
10 classes a week – 2 daily235 USD470 USD705 USD940 USD220 USD
Less than 10 hours27 USD each class

Summer is almost here!

Spaces for our programs in January and February are filling up quickly. Check availability today!

Surfing & Stand Up Paddle

A surf week includes 5 group surf lessons (Monday to Friday). Each class is between 1.5 to 2 hours per day and includes all the equipment.

Classes take place in Pichilemu’s playa principal (main beach) near Puntilla point. Class size depends on the season. Big classes are more common during summer (January and February).



A Stand Up Paddle week includes 5 group SUP lessons (Monday to Friday). Each class is 1.5 hours per day and includes all the equipment.

Classes take place in the lake in Cahuil typically.

1 week2 weeks3 weeks4 weeksExtra weeks
group surf180 USD340 USD490 USD650 USD160 USD
group SUP260 USD490 USD720 USD950 USD250 USD

Full Immersion: Homestay

Experience full immersion by staying with a local family and putting into practice all the Spanish you learn in class. The program aims to be a learning and cultural experience for both students and participating families who welcome you into their home.

Homestays includes: three meals, a private or shared room depending on the season and family, a shared bathroom and access to Wi-Fi.

Students usually check in on the Saturday or Sunday before their classes start (Monday).

Check in is after 3:00pm and check out is before noon.

1 week2 weeks3 weeks4 weeksExtra weeks
Homestay290 USD560 USD840 USD1120 USD270 USD

Private Room in Hostel

Are you looking for a great location, close to everything, our school, downtown and the beach? You can stay with our hostel partner. The owner is a surfer. It is an ideal space for those who travel with surfboards and want to be close to Puntilla break and public transportation to Punta de Lobos.

A week includes 7 nights in a private room with access to a shared bathroom, Wi-Fi and two options, access to a full kitchen or only kitchenette.

Check in is after 3:00pm and check out is before noon.

1 week2 weeks3 weeks4 weeksExtra weeks
with shared full kitchen180 USD360 USD540 USD720 USD170 USD
with shared kitchenette170 USD340 USD510 USD680 USD160 USD

Dorm in Hostel

Our partner hostel’s location is in the heart of downtown Pichilemu, only 10 minutes walking distance from the ocean and 5 minutes from our school. It is a big house with a nice garden. They offer dorm rooms with 9 beds.

A week includes 7 nights in a shared room with a shared bathroom, access to kitchen and Wi-Fi. Breakfast included.

Check in is after 3:00pm and check out is before noon.

1 week2 weeks3 weeks4 weeksExtra weeks
1 week minimum stay160 USD320 USD480 USD640 USD160 USD


Are you looking for a more private space to stay? Do you want to be near the ocean or need a more quiet place? We work with a local owner of cabins a few steps from Infiernillo beach. They are private cabins with access to a full kitchen, bathroom, living room, all equipped.

Pricing and availability change depending on the season (high vs low). They accommodate from one person to eight people.

Cabins (1-2 people)1 week2 weeks3 weeks4 weeksExtra weeks
Low season *starting at295 USD465 USD700 USD840 USDContact us
High season *starting at410 USD745 USD1050 USD1400 USDContact us

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