100 Years of Violeta Parra

October 4th, 2017 is the celebration of the 100 years since the birth of Violeta Parra. Violeta is one of Chile’s greatest artists.

“She is one of the greatest folklorists to come from Latin America and, together with Pablo Neruda and Gabriela Mistral, maybe the most internationally recognised Chilean. From humble and peasant beginnings, at 15 years old she emigrated from the deep south to Santiago, accompanied by her brother, today known as anti-poet Nicanor Parra, and went on to live in Europe twice.

That is Violeta Parra, the woman who travelled her country collecting traditional songs so that they would never be forgotten and who, in 1964, exhibited her arpilleras in the Louvre; a display of talent that she would exceed in 1966 when she published “Las últimas composiciones” (“Last compositions”), a record that begins with “Gracias a la vida” (“Thanks to life”).”  -By Marcos Ortiz F.  100 Years of Violeta Parra, the ‘social voice’.

From Arica to Tierra del Fuego, we celebrate her with many different activities, music, exhibitions, art and more.

In Santiago, the Violeta Parra museum is a dedicated space to showcase the great work of this fascinating artist whose legacy is very present until today. The museum is located on Vicuña Mackena 37 only a few steps from the subway station Baquedano. The photos below were taken in 2016.

Happy birthday Violeta!

Text and photos by Maria Paz Miranda, School Director.

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